Exhibitions, seminars & live performances

2018.09.21 Exhibition & Concert OP-Planetario @ Planetarium at the School of Maritime Engineering of Santander, ES

2018.07.XX TBA Medellin, CO

2018.06.05 Residence, Exhibition, Performance @ Sonandes Bienal of Sound Art La Paz, BO

2018.05.31 OP-Planetario @ Planetarium at the School of Maritime Engineering of Santander, ES

2018.05.15/29 Reseach and development: Powerlines & energy harvesting w/ Elisa Ferrari Vancouver, CA

2018.05.10-13 Seminar and performance @ THSF Toulouse, FR

2018.04.28/29 Lecture / Seminar @ RIAT Research institute for art and technology, ES

2018.04.25 Exhibition @ Memphis Linz, AT

2018.04.24 Performance @ 0FF7N0FF Tresor Linz, AT

2018.03.20/31 OP-Planetario @ Planetarium at the School of Maritime Engineering of Santander, ES

2018.03.07 Seminar @ Slade School of Fine Art London, UK

2018.03.06 Lecture at Art and Interdisciplinarity: Measuring the World @ UCL London, UK

2018. 02.24 Symposium Continuum: A Story in 48 Screenshots @ Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, NL

2018.02.21-23 Seminar Speculation as Interface @ Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, NL

2018.02.04 M E T A _ Tracing unknown knowns Edition w/ M. De Vega, D. Silvestrin & Dicey Studios @ Transmediale Berlin, DE

2017.12.19 Lecture Limen Ecologies of transmision @ CCE Santiago de Chile, CL

2017.12.16 Lecture Procesos cognitivos, percepción y lenguajes sonoros @ Dept. de Humanidades y Arte Univ. Concepción, CL

2017.12.13-16 Seminar S I G N U M @ Tsonami Festival, Concepción, CL

2017.12. TBA Performance / Instalation Subcutáneo @ Tsonami Festival, Concepción, CL

2017.11.27-30 Seminar S I G N U M @ Tsonami Festival, Valparaiso, CL

2017.11.10-22 Seminar ://R Continuum - Pre Master Program in collaboration with ArtEZ Univ. & Sonic Acts Academy @ Shenzhen, CN

2017.11.04/05 Seminar / Showroom We are Robots @ Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

2017.11.02 Lecture / Performance On presence, perception & Noise @ Apiary Studios, London, UK

2017.09.15/16 Seminar Percussion & distortion @ c-base Berlin, DE

2017.09.7-10 Seminar / Showroom Seanaps Festival Leipzig, DE

2017.06.01 Seminar Hangar.org @ Barcelona, ES

2017.05.25/28 Seminar / Performance @ THSF Toulouse, FR

2017.05.20/21 Seminar / Performance Reso-nance Numerique Marseille, FR

2017.05.17/18 Seminar / Performance Sound & the city, Ecole d'enseignement supérieur d'art de Bordeaux, FR

2017.05.05 Seminar / Performance Fete01 Festival @ Labomedia Orleans, FR

2017.05.03 Workshop Interface Culture Master's programme @ Linz University of Arts, AT

2017.05.02 Performance with Michael Schweiger and Enrique Tomás @ Damen & Herrenstraße DH5 Linz, AT

2017.05.02 Lecture Interface Culture Master's programme @ Linz University of Arts, AT

2017.03.25/26 Seminar Percussion and distortion C-base Berlin, DE

2017.03.24 000 Modules Presentation Performance @ Common ground Berlin, DE

2017-01-26/29 Seminar Athens, GR

2017-01-14/15 Seminar T37, Madrid, ES

2017-01-14 Performance TBA,Madrid, ES

2016-12-15/16 Seminar HANGAR, Barcelona, ES

2016-12-15 Performance Magia Roja, Barcelona, ES

2016-12-14 Artist talk @ HANGAR Barcelona, ES

2016-12-14 Seminar "ICYC-Tandem EU" Germany, Belgium, Spain, UK, Iceland, Macedonia, Russian Federation @ Hilde Leipzig, DE

2016-11-19 Vienna Art Week - Studio Visit Q21-Museumsquartier with Wolfgang Brunner, Vienna, AT

2016-11-18/20 WinterLAB - Communities and critical use of technology @ LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre, Gijon, ES

2016-11-8 Group exhibition - SeekingBeauty Q21 at Raum D Museumsquartier, Vienna, AT

2016-11-01/30 Artists-in-Residence - Museumsquartier Vienna, DE

2016-10-14/16 Seminar Trans_Mission @ Radio Revolten – Das internationale Radiokunst-Festival, Halle, DE

2016-09 Seminar TBA @ HELP* Festival Leipzig, DE

2016-06-04/05 Seminar Analog percussion synthesis @ T-37 Madrid, ES

2016-06-03 Performance Moroder Sound Club @ Madrid, ES

2016-05-28 Open Hardware Europe Summit @ MAK Museum of Applied Arts Viena, AT

2016.05.28 Performance @ Vibrance Festival Viena, AT

2016-05-20/27 Seminar & open research @ Coded Cultures: OPENISM Am Hof 3,4 Viena, AT

2016-04-30 / 05-01 Seminar Signum @ VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver, CA

2016-04-23 Performance Destroy Vancouver @ VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver, CA

2016-04-16/17 Seminar Analog percussion synthesis @ LimeWharf, London, UK

2016-04-14 Performance @ eXperimental electronics III New River Studios London, UK

2016-04-09/10 Signum The invisible revealed: Workshop on presence, perception and noise @ Cafe OTTO, London, UK

2016-04-02/03 Seminar Analog percussion synthesis C-Base. Berlin, DE

2016-04-01 Seminar Analog percussion synthesis FabLab HAL, Leipzig, DE

2016-02-22 Residence @ NomadAir Artistic Residence Viena, AT

2016-02-15/18 Seminar Microcomputing Leipzig, DE

2016-02-06 Translating the hyper visible & invisible, Transmediale Festival, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, DE
2016-01-29 Workshop Limenia Privacy Data Symposium, Brussels, BE

2016-01-28 Artist Talk Privacy Data Symposium, Brussels, BE

2016-01-25/26 Seminar LIMENIA Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, Paris, FR

2016-01-24 Workshop Radial Atelier du Systeme B - Instants Chavirés Paris, FR

2016-01-09/10 Analog percussion synthesis at T37 Madrid, ES

2015-12-19/20 Analog percussion synthesis @ Hangar.org Barcelona, ES

2015-12-04/05 Analog percussion synthesis @ Music Hacker Space London, UK

2015-12-04 Performance AdJ Musica Dispersa @ Powerlunches London, UK

2015-10-28/29 Analog percussion synthesis @ C-Base Berlin, DE

2015-10-24/25 Signum Workshop Music Hacker Space London, UK

2015-10-23 Performance Rye Wax London, UK

2015-10-22 The invisible revealed Artist Talk Music Hacker Space London, UK

2015-10-08 Workshop Organic Lighting @ Lichtfest Leizpig, DE

2015-09-26/27 Workshop Percussive modular synthesis, Rose Salon Berlin, DE

2015-09-17 Seminar, lecture & performance @ Incubate festival Tilburg, NL

2015-09-12 Workshop FREIRAUM Festival @ Leipzig Osten, DE

2015-09-10 Lecture, Workshop @ HAL Leipzig, DE

2015-09/11 Residence Criticalmedia.space Social MediaLab @ HELP* Leipzig, DE

2015-07-06/08 Panopticum Seminar_Analog Audiovisual Synthesis @ Laboratorio de Arte Alameda Mexico City, MX

2015-07-04 Performance @ Umbral El Huacal Oaxaca, MX

2015-07-03 Seminar Radial @ Museo Arte Contemporaneo Oaxaca MACO Oaxaca, MX

2015-07-02 Performance  @ Museo Arte Contemporaneo Oaxaca MACO Oaxaca, MX

2015-06-26 Sound Action @ Centro Cultural de España en México Mexico City, MX

2015-06-26 Lecture @ OPE3RA "La Mecánica Invisible del Miedo" with Timothy Morton, Ursula K. Heise, Daniela Silvestrin and Mario de Vega @ CENART Mexico City, MX

2015-06-23 Seminar Signum @ Centro Multimedia - Centro Nacional de las Artes CENART Mexico City, MX

2015-04-24/27 Donaufestival, Redefining Arts. Technical advise / Electronics - DOLMEN. Krems, AT

2015-04-21 Limen Seminar. Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien. Viena, AT

2015-03-22 Performance Decúbito Prono, Avila, ES

2015-03-21 Performance Espacio Naranjo Madrid, ES

2015-03-20 Sound Action ETSAM Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, Madrid, ES

2015-03-20 Acoustics Seminar ETSAM Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, Madrid, ES

2015-03-10 Analog Audiovisual Sinthesis Seminar - Laboratory of Visual Arts Valladolid, ES

2015-02-17/26 Dark Ecologies - Sonic Acts Festival. Technical advise / panel discussion - DOLMEN. Amsterdam, NL

2015-01-25/28 IN/VISIBLE CITIES - PROTOTYPING LAB, Vorspiel Transmediale festival, Berlin, DE

2014-10-30 Performance @ Aural Disjunction Series Leipzig, DE

2014-09-26 Seminar + Performance Reso-nance Festival Marseille, FR

2014-09-18 "Crossing the line", Bristol Bienal, Bristol, UK

2014-08-21 Distopia Bilbao, ES

2014-06-15 Performance "O.D.D Festival" @ Hangar.org, Barcelona, ES

2014-06-14 Workshop Resonance and Feedback @ Hangar.org, Barcelona, ES

2014-05-05/09 Open Lab "Faites des 01" @ Orléans, FR

2014-01-31 Radial Workshop CTM´14 - ∏-node @ Club Transmediale, Berlin, DE

2014-01-27/29 Exhibition/Open Working process Transmediale @ HKW Berlin, DE

2014-01-24 Performance Ausland, Berlin, DE

2014-01-10/12 Workshop MAC-Museum of Contemporary Art Coruña,ES

2014-01-09 Performance @ La Casa Tomada Coruña, ES

2013-12-13/15 Sexoskeleton Lecture / Workshop @ Hangar.org, Barcelona, ES

2013-11-29 Exhibition 5th Int. Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture, Espacio Enter @ TEA, Canary Islands, ES

2013-11-24 Limen Workshop @ Piksel Festival Bergen, NO

2013-11-23 VØID Performance @ Piksel Festival Bergen, NO

2013-11-XX Seminar “LIMEN” Institute of Intermedia Prague, CZ
2013-11-08 Conference Media Art Histories 2013: RENEW Riga, LV

2013-11-05 Performance at Fondation Sonore, Brussels, BR

2013-10-04 Conference / Seminar Noise-in-Music_CeReNeM: Centre for Research in New Music, University of Huddersfield, UK

2013-09-06 “O” Permanent Installation Desvelarte Festival Cantabria, ES

2013-08-05 Summeroflabs Cantabria, ES

2013-07-21 Performance SypSound Festival Cantabria, ES

2013-07-20 MP19 Workshop SypSound Festival Cantabria, ES

2013-07-03 Radial Workshop Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Mexico City, MX

2013-06-20 Exhibition ://r-aw.cc Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Mexico City, MX

2013-06-08 Babel Workshop Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, Mexico City, MX

2013-05-25 S∆G∆∆N Performance Brancaleone, Rome, IT

2013-05-24/26 Analog Video Synthesis Mp19 Workshop LPM´13 Rome, IT

2013-05-23 Exhibition Hybrid City Conference 2013: Subtle revolutions, Athens, GR

2013-05-12 Performance/Workshop Sight & Sound 2013 Festival, Montreal, CA

2013-05-04 S∆G∆∆N Performance Vaciador34, Madrid, ES

2013-05-03/04 MP19 Workshop T-37, Madrid, ES

2013-04-26 S∆G∆∆N Performance Larraskitu Bilbao, ES

2013-04-25/26 MP19 Workshop Larraskitu Bilbao, ES

2013-04-25 Lecture Technarte Bilbao, ES

2013-03-12/13 HD Workshop GFZK Leipzig, DE

2013-02-16/17 Parafilia Workshop/lecture Hangar Barcelona, Es

2013-02-15 Performance Hangar Barcelona, ES

2012-12-20 Performance @ Una_Fremen Salamanca, ES

2012-12-18/20 Lecture, Workshop, Performance Ekumene Barcelona, ES

2012-12-12 :// Berlin, DE

2012-12-09 Performance with S∆G∆∆N Madrid, ES

2012-12-07/08 A/V synth Workshop Vaciador 34 Madrid, ES

2012-11-29/20 Hiddensignals Lecture-Workshop Klang in den Medien, HFK_Bremen Univ of Arts Bremen, DE

2012-11-11 Exhibition, Performance Quietcue, Berlin, DE

2012-11-03 Lecture Advances in computer entertainment conference, Kathmandu, NP

2012-11-01/05 Exhibition / workshop Future of Media Art and Computer Entertainment Exhibition, Kathmandu, NP

2012-10-TBA Seminar / Performace Laboratório Criação Digital, Guimarães, POR

2012-10-26 TBA Performance Leipzig, DE

2012-10-15/24 Semirar / Performance  Opentaqafa Centre de musiques actuelles Boultek Technopark, Casablanca, MOR

2012-08-14/18 Seminar / Performace Summercamp, Bilbao, ES

2012-08-04 Workshop La Concha, Cantabria, ES

2012-07-23/30 Seminar / Performance Court-circuit / circuit-court, Nantes, FRA

2012-07-07 RADIAL: Radio Waves ı Broadcasting Seminar at Ø Studio Berlin, DE

2012-06-30 Seminar Snuff_Wireless Data Sonification, Nnnnn London, ENG

2012-06-29 Performance Nnnnn London, ENG

2012-06-28 Performance Tin Tabernaclekilburn London, ENG

2012-06-13 Performance Räumen des Kunstvereins Gera Gera, DE

2012-06-08 Snuff Seminar / Performace Institute of Intermedia Prague, CZ

2012-06-07 Lecture Oscillation Series @ General Public Berlin, DE

2012-06-01 Seminar / Performace LPM Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Roma, Rome, IT

2012-05-23/27 Lux, lumen Performance Linz, AUT

2012-05-02/05 Snuff Seminar / Performace Art ON Wires, Oslo, NO

2012-04-28 Snuff Seminar Ø Studio, Berlin, DE

2012-03-15 Performance VOX POPULI Philadelphia, PA, US

2012-03-13 Sonifying Wireless Data: Snuff Lecture/presentation Harvestworks N.Y., US

2012-03-02 Performance FIX - Centro de Salud, Cuauhtémoc D.F, MEX

2012-03-01 Performance VOLTA Museo Británico Americano en México D.F, MEX

2012-02-24/25 Sonifying Wireless Data: Snuff Seminar Harvestworks N.Y., US

2012-02-06/19 Exhibition The Crystal World Open Laboratory Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien. Transmediale12. Berlin, DE

2012-02-01 Workshop The Crystal World Open Laboratory Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien. Transmediale12. Berlin, DE

2011-11-22/25 Workshop + Collective performance GRAIN EEG-Gallerie. Leipzig, DE

2011-11-24 Performance SAGAAN. EEG-Gallerie. Leipzig, DE

2011-11-17/20 Workshop + Collective performance with MP19 Professional A/V Tools  Piksel Festival. Bergen, NO

2011-11-17 Performance Sagaan_Incoherent Scatter Piksel Festival. Bergen, NO

2011-11-11 Performance 11-M O N T H L Y U N T I T L E D A C T S & U N S T A B L E S Y S T E M S Ausland. Berlin, DE

2011-11-11 Installation/Dokum. SummerLab_LABoral Centro de arte y Creacion Industrial. Gijon, ES

2011-10-15/22 Instalation_Dokum.Orbitando_Satelites. Arts Santa Monica. Barcelona, ES

2011-10-12 / 2011-11-09 Mexican tour

2011-11-09 Performance Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Distrito Federal, MEX

2011-11-08 Performance Centro ADM. Distrito Federal, MEX 

2011-11-07 Workshop GRAIN Centro ADM. Distrito Federal, MEX 

2011-11-04 Performance CANTE. San Luis Potosi, MEX 

2011-11-03/04 Workshop SNUFF CANTE. San Luis Potosi, MEX 

2011-10-29 / 2011-11-02 Workshop BESTIARIVM Facultad de Artes Visuales. Aguascalientes, MEX

2011-10-29 Performance MUAC. Distrito Federal, MEX  

2011-10-28 Performance CMMAS. Morelia, MEX

2011-10-27/28 Workshop BABEL CMMAS. Morelia, MEX 

2011-10-26 Performance Museo del Juguete. Distrito Federal, MEX 

2011-10-24 Performance Sociacusia. Guadalajara, MEX

2011-10-23/25 Workshop GRAIN Sociacusia. Guadalajara, MEX 

2011-10-21/22 Workshop RADIAL Fonoteca Nacional. Distrito Federal, MEX 

2011-10-20 Performance Simulacros Naturales. Ex Teresa Arte Actual. Distrito Federal, MEX

2011-10-21 Performance Fonoteca Nacional. Distrito Federal, MEX

2011-10-14/15 SNUFF Workshop Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Distrito Federal, MEX

2011-10-14/15 AGORA Workshop Cha'ak'ab Paaxil: Festival de Improvisacion Libre, Free Jazz y Noise. Merida, MEX

2011-10-14 Performance Cha'ak'ab Paaxil: Festival de Improvisacion Libre, Free Jazz y Noise. Merida, MEX

2011-10-13 Performance Ciclo: Volta. MBAM. Distrito Federal, MEX


2011-09-25 Perfomance EEG Gallery Leipzig, DE

2011-09-21/24 Performance Live Performers Meeting LPM_11 Minsk, Belarus

2011-09-08/11 Workshop / colective performance Gogbot Enschede, NL

2011-09-05/07 Workshop / Urban action Desvelarte Festival Santander, ES

2011-08-02/08 Workshop/performance Summerlab LABoral Gijon, ES

2011-06-11 Performance Unser industrie Leipzig, DE

2011-05-18/19 Lecture/Workshop/collective performance University of Vasc Country UPV-EHU Bilbao, ES

2011-05-09/14 Workshop/performace Orbitando satelites-Plataforma 0 LABoral Gijon, ES

2011-05-04 Lecture/Performance The Brno Haus of Arts - G99 Brno, CH

2011-05-02/08 Workshop/Performance Multiplace Festival 2011 Bratislava, SK

2011-03-25 Performance with Xabec @ Rome, It

2011-01-09 Workshop Building Granular Synthesis device. Leipzig, DE

2010-12-02 Workshop Building 8Bit-8Step Sequencer. Leipzig, DE

2010-11-28 EEG Gallerie Performance. Leipzig. DE

2010-11-19 Piksel Festival Performance. Bergen, NO

2010-11-17/2Piksel Festival Installation. Bergen, NO

2010-11-19  LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. Instalation. R-AW 2,4GHz. Gijón, ES

2010-11-13/22 Live Set/Workshop Univ. AguascalientesR-AW. MEX.

2010-11-04/12 Dialogos en Vivo 2010. Rabat. MOR

2010-10-15/16 UnserIndustrie. Leipzig. DE

2010-10-14 Workshop Building MIDI devices. Leipzig, DE

2010-09-23 SuperCollider Symposium 2010 Berlin, DE

2010-09-09 Gogbot 2010 Enschede, NL

2010-07-22/31 Summerlab La laboral. Gijón, ESP

2010-07-20 GEZ21 Experimental Sound Gallery, Peter-Bourg, RU

2010-07-17 Alte+E Fest 2010 Moscow  Bienal Young Artist Moskow, RU

2010-07-15 Instituto Cervantes Berlin, DE

2010-07-14 Instituto Cervantes Berlin, DE

2010-07-04 Ob-Art  Festival Kirschau, DE

2010-06-18 Headphone Festival Pécs, HU

2009-12-16 "Interfrequenz" Live broadcast RadioBlau99,2 MHz UKW & Pirate Radio Hack, Leipzig, DE

2009-12-17 "Interfrequenz" Pirate live broadcast at Existencial Existence Gallery, Leipzig, DE

2009-12-19 "Reality Oscilator" Gasometer,Signe XoX, Art Space Berlin, DE

2009-10-20 "Faces of Rabat" Fundation Orient/Occident, Lalla Meriem Center,& Asociation Maqam Rabat, MOR

2009-10-19 "Lux,lumen Freqs & Ports" Experimental Live cinema – Faculty of Leters y Human Sciencie Rabat, MOR

2009-10-17 "Lux,lumen Freqs & Ports" Experimental Live cinema – Superior Institute of Dramátic Art & Animation Rabat, MOR

2009-10-04 "Konstruction/Destruction of a Nation: About Art & Politics/Politics & Art" *GZR Specks & Hof Gallerie Leipzig, DE

2009-07-12 "Reality Oscillator" Festival Tramuntana Cap de Creus. Barcelona, ESP

2009-06-10 "Dark Ambient for Dresden" Part of the street activism Doepler Gallery. Dresden, DE

2009-05-14 "REEFlex" LPM09_Live Performers Meeting Rome, IT

2009-05-01 "R/=/0" W.I.R Gallery 1st of May 2009 Berlin, DE

2009-04-15 "Reality Oscilator" MUCHOMASMAYO Cartagena, ESP

2009-04-12 "Broken beats,death pixels" PILOT Leipzig, DE

2009-04-03 "Reality Oscilator" Armaturka, Usti Nab Labem, CZE

2009-04-01 "Reality Oscilator" at Kuhturm Gallery Leipzig, DE

2009-03-17 "Reality Oscilator" W.I.R Gallery Berlin, DE

2009-02-12 "Reallyty Oscilator" Mass Media Research und Kunst im medialen öffentlichen Raum Klasse für Medienkunst bei 

                     Prof.Günther Selichar und Dr.Claudia Tittel HGB-Leipzig, DE

2008-10-06 "Constructing artmospheres-Soudscapes against expeculation" Hangar. Barcelona, ESP

2008-03-15 "El brujo de la risa fatal y los mayas-quiché" Espacio Abisal Gallery Bilbao, ESP

2008-03-05 "El brujo y la noche" TDA2822 Pablo Gayo and Victor Mazón Bilboarte Bilbao, ESP

2008-03-01 "El descuidado" New musical interfaces-Multitouch L´mono Bilbao, ESP

2008-02-14 "TDA2822" EHU-UPV Week of Artistic Action. Bilbao, ESP

2007-02-17 Animazon audiovisual set Week of Artistic Action´07 EHU-UPV. Bilbao, ESP

2006-02-22 Animazon audiovisual set Week of Artistic Action´06 EHU-UPV. Bilbao, ESP

2005-02-24 Animazon audiovisual set Week of Artistic Action´5 EHU-UPV. Bilbao, ESP