Selection of solo audiovisual installations and reactive ensembles


2006. 4 autonomous ice systems "SED", custom hardware and software, video camera, projector, 4.1 audio system. Dimensions variable.



IEEE 802.11X Direct Sequence

2010. Custom open hardware and software, video projector, 8.1 audio system. Dimensions variable.



Aural Lights

2009. Computer, microcontrollers, electronics, camera, self-made hardware and software, light, sound, video projector, facade, windows, white space. Site specific installation


2011.Custom software. Rythmic photostimulatio | Alpha rythms



Agonias Digitales

2008. Computer, selfmade software, audio/video synthesis, contour/color tracking, camera, computer vision, LCD monitor, video projector. Variable dimensions


2011. OKTO:TV. Prepared TV, custom electronics


2008-2010. Electronics, VGA, akku


2009. Photodiodes, comparator circuit/positive feedback, resistors, condensators(tantal, foil, ceramic), piezoelectric transducer, copper, solar cells. Variable dimensions



Publicity against speculation

2010. Hand made software,contour/color & face tracking,reactive audio. Performer Carmen Mellado Mendieta. Variable dimensions



Selection of collective working audiovisual installations and reactive assembles



2010. Recycled organic batteries, custom electronics, cathode ray tube TV.

Urban action, installation, performance. Piksel Festival Bergen, NO



2010. Organic batteries, self-made electronics, video synthesizer, 3 Plasma T.V. Urban action, installation, performance. Variable dimensions

Der Rundgang als offenes Labor

2010. 4 days, 15 people, fast computers, old electronics, ideas, projects, freesoftware