Suddenly all sound slows down.  

 -"You okay?" -... the procession goes inside


The monitor is transformed into a digital mirror. Suddenly your reflection is watching straight into your eyes, comes to life and dissociates from you, your avatar now is a prisoner in cyberspace.

This audiovisual installation has two parts:

 - A video monitor showing you a prerecorded digital avatar, that is activated when you get closer to the screen. The avatar is coming from the darkness and trying to advise you to not fall in its trap and the artificial vision software where you can reflect in the  darkness of the black LCD, playing with your contours and your shapes. When the viewer leaves the place the video is saved and sent to the exhibition space and to a server. Now the different avatars are captured in the cyberspace trap.

Exploring audio and video synthesis, contour and color tracking in real time, I approached a new interactive audiovisual context, where all the audiovisual material is saved and shown in the Web through my server. A cyberpunk installation that talks about the current need for publishing their success on the Web, via all the advantages of the new Web 2.0 technology. It also talks about the unknown events these actions may lead to in the future.

Audio and video is synthesized in real-time, connecting the video analysis to the audio patch, where the envelopes, frequencies and effects process a dark atmosphere of digital sounds.


Concept, programming & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0