Demolishing walls,turning lights on

Aural lights is a site specific light kinetic sculpture located in Ústí Nad Labem and shown during my artistic residence in the local art school.

This sculpture is a really close and personal approach to our interior light and its related to my family and to all the happiness and problems we have had.

As one has two ways of looking at the sculpture, the outside or what you let other people see from you, and the inside or what really belongs to you. On one hand the media facade from outside is shown to everyone that passes through the street and on the other hand the inner small white room, which can only be accessed after you took the stairs into the old industrial building on the third floor.It´s a white square-shaped room and some old translucent rectangular windows. 

From the outside an organic movement of lights and shapes draws pixelated forms that can be associated to words and objects, reminding of an old computer game from the 80s but the inside shows you a intimate and closed space full of personal emotions. The viewer realises that different lights are shown which couldn't be seen from the outside and the context is changed radically.

There are two pillars and two columns, all of them in parallel order, with the pillars being part of the building and the columns in the middle being part of the truss of the window, showing the first metaphor of my family structure. 

The kinetic sculpture has three different stages not attached to a timeline:

 - The two pillars are lighted, starting to glow and to meet each other. An abstract light and sound dialogue starts and is shown by the lightening up of the windows between them. Messages are sent from one pillar to the other, playing and interacting through software and computer vision with the media facade.

 - The two columns are created, one after the other. They are growing and become more and more present, the messages now comes from the two colums to the pillars, the sound goes from abstract to more real, the audio synthesis sounds like young human voices. 

- Suddenly there is a point of inflexion, the pillar on the right starts blinking slowly, its light suddenly diminishes and everything goes to darkness. Now shadows of wires and sounds of hospitals start to appear, all our lifes become darker, a small revolution starts on the other columns, random movements and audiovisual breaks are shown. 

This work has no end yet, it makes a narration of the process in the life of my family and the cancer of my mother, so it could be continued in the next years. It's all self-programmed with free open software, Vvvv for the video synthesis and Puredata and Supercollider for the sound synthesis.



Concept, custom electronics, programming & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0