Der Rundgang als offenes Labor.

Different works in progress, international sets of improvised experimental music, lectures and many national and internacional guests, during 4 days, 14 hours a day, from 10 AM to 23:55 PM.

 You are wellcome to participate during the workshops, the a/v jam sesions, discussions, etc.

 Please come with instruments, computers, ideas or electronics you want to mod, open, bend or destroy 

e.g: old radios, casios, gameboys, webcams, soundtoys, telephones, etccccccccccc 




 Thursday 18:

 11 AM Opens the space.

 First lecture: New ways of creating art with free/opensource software. Theory,tools,licenses,web 2.0 ... 

14 PM CrashKurs Kraschwerke: Recicling technology / Solar noise insects.

20-23:55 PM Audiovisual Jam sessions.


Friday 19 

10 AM Opens the space.

CrashKurs Kraschwerke: Lights, experimetal mikroskopes & projection.

14 PM Working with the beamer, mapping and experimental visuals. 

16 PM CrashKurs Kraschwerke: Noise circuits, Puredata and Supercollider 3.

20-23:55 PM Audiovisual Jam sessions.


Saturday 20

 10 AM Opens the space 

UkW senders, pirate radios and internet broadcasting, and misteries at 2,4 Ghz(Wifi). 

14 PM CrashKurs Kraschwerke: Experiment with pirate tv, radio station, analog broadcast.

20-23:55 PM Audiovisual Jam sessions.


Sunday 21: 

10 AM opens the space.

 Last lecture, exibition, discussion, documentation, coffes and beers.


Concept, custom electronics & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0