The city free of nature  is represented by the telecommunication networks.

Hyperrealism in high frequency spectrum and wireless fidelity. Social and business networks are questioned and problematized.

A definition of a public space in the high frequency spectrum is defined, throw the demodulation of the 900 MHz to 2,4 GHz electromagnetic signals.

By the use of a custom audiovisual software written for this installation, the receiver system intercepts comercial wireless communications produced by the close environment where the piece its located, the output its a frontal audiovisual immersive experience, which corresponds to a direct translation of the high-frequency fields produced by wireless activity on the space.
The custom system its designed to react to the environment, producing unpredictable experiences related to the location and visitors, creating a site-specific response.

The system its formed by a high-frequency antenna reception unit, a self-made wireless communication receiver, a 10.000 lumen HD video projector and a 8.1 audio system run by an algorithm to distribute the information through the system, and placed on a long rectangular shape space.

Screenshots from the algorithm

Victor Mazon Gardoqui Sound art installation
Victor Mazon Gardoqui Sound art installation

Concept, custom electronics, programming & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC 4.0 BY-SA.