Considering ephemeral materials, discontinuity and focusing to produce a perishable system, an assembled machinery that revolves around the nature of itself is created with a unique property, energy consumption.

Passive organisms in dormant state. Time, models and transforms each system to a completed change of state.

The system is made up of four independent energy particles called SEDs which are different in root and morphology.

A SED incorporates an internal algorithm which reacts to the system itself and its environment. It outputs a beating light and the internal sounds caused by the degradation of its ice shell through a set of high quality and low noise internal microphones. The set of condenser and transducer microphones creates a slowly and constantly morphing soundscape shaped by the system. The internal sounds gets mixed with the room ambience through the shell during the degradation of the system.

Each SED its produced by heating water and frozen it to generate the ice shell layer by layer gradually, thereby achieving a clean, translucent and compact unit. It has a life of about eight hours depending on diameter (~45 cm) and room temperature. After the change of state, each SED lies on its base as a small pond and its internal system, to return it back to life only needs to be frozen again.

A camera records each process with a macro lens and display it on a wide screen on the center of the room, in front of the piece, letting the system communicate with the audience on real time.


Concept, custom electronics, programming & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC 4.0 BY-SA