Audio processors created for modular systems on Eurorack design


ZAJ it adds a dramtic diode distortion to your output that you can actually see!

It also have a switch on the frontal panel to control the high armonics of the distortion

ZAJ_bass fuzz/distortion designed for add a dense/massive effect to your line or instrument output.

The clipping diodes are on the front panel so you can see the effect added to the input, so they reacts to the sounds comming through the device.

Its designed for a 3HP eurorack format or a pedal enclosure due to its compact one pcb design.

It consist on an input atenuator, intensity and a pre/post distortion equalization control through the use of a dpdt switch (bass and treble potentiometer control), it has also a millenium II bypass switch with a led for visual effect reference.

It works from +/-12v or +/-15v with all the controlls on the front panel.

I´m adding the C.V inputs and a parellel germanium diode switch.



Sustrato analog transistor design to make caothic drones and atmospheres with the possibility of morphing from darkness to brightnes.
 Also prety good for bass lines and percursive paterns due to its controls.
 Internally its an analog fuzz octaver with a long sustain control, a mid/low tone control and a dry/wet cossfader with an active volume control, it has a tone or bassboost switch, a bypass and its designed for instument or line input.
 It can be mounted on an eurorack 2HP panel or a pedal box due to its compact internal design.

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Concept, custom electronics & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0