Audiovisual activism and  Live_cinema in urban architecture

With the premise of portability and beyond the traditional screens, the aim is to create a new discourse in special environments of urban landscapes like parks, abandoned places and facades, bringing the stories to the citizen. 

Video is emitted through a proyector on a 3D mapped surface and sound waves are emitted on empty bands of the FM radio spektrum, live - easily captured by the listener with a normal radio or mobile phone without disturbing the rest of the population- . The sound is individualized for each member of the public, some little radios are located in the performance area for a better sound spatialization.

This device is now on its third phase of development and has been used for several activism and hacktivism actions in the streets and used in the sourroundings of audiovisual festivals like Live Performers Meeting 09 Rome, Mucho Mas Mayo 09 Cartagena, or in creative spaces like La Laboral Gijon, Dialogos en Vivo´09 Rabat, G16 Leipzig, and streets of Casablanca, Rabat, Leipzig , Dresden, etc... 


Used in works Lux,Lumen, Freqs & PortsFaces of Rabat, and different workshops like Diálogos en vivo´09


Concept, custom electronics, programming & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0