Filterbank project made during 2012, based on a DIY modular 19" rack  platform for analog effects.

Finally partially documented and partially destroyed after last europe/mex tour…
 Soon I will post the schematics of the vactrol based filter or so called envelope following filter or auto-filter, because its triggered by the input signal changed with the loudness of a note as it rise during the initial attack and then decayed.
 It has on it a rotary switch for selecting LP/BP/HP filter. The middle position (BP) its similar to a wah pedal that triggers the filter on any income signal
 Gain – how much or little the signal is amplified through the effect
 Peak – how resonant the filter is
 Sweep direction – whether the filter frequency goes up or down as the note gets louder
 Range – a coarse control of whether the filter frequency is in the top or bottom of the audio signal range.
 Atenuator Input / Output
 True bypass


Concept, custom electronics & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0