Argon/neon gas-discharge lamps activated by urban street lighting. Permanent site specific intervention.

O installation designed for Pasaje de Peña in Santander concerns to uncertainty and instability of contemporary social and political changes happening in the city and its morph to a cultural spot on north Spain. 

O concerns the parallel increase of technologies surrounding us through the use of a very fragile device operating at a very high frequency that transforms the history of a regular crossing spot from downtown of Cantabria´s capital.


The high frequency emissions caused by the internal gases heated by the high voltage inside the 2 discharge lamps cycling during the 24h of the day, blocks at a close range wireless communications. The artwork shows 2 different states, O presented during the daytime as a perfect white  circular form that because of it´s wavelength (5000 Lumen) looks almost invisible to the pedestrian on a bright day and as the daylight diminishes it´s transformed to its opposite state Ø, referring to phase shifting (phasing) on audio engineering and empty set in set theory. 


The self made electronics reads the triggers from the urban street lighting making its internal programming slowly changing during the different light times of the year.

The installation inside the public space of the city of Santander, resumes contemporary concepts on my personal artistic and social research through the use of light, space and perception using self made devices referred to instability and mass media networks.

O was commissioned by A.C.A.I for the 5th edition of Desvelarte public/street art festival of Santander.

Photo documentation by Teresa Gallego. CC-BY-SA

Parallel documentation by Ramon Barquin.


Concept, custom electronics, programming & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0