Selection of solo live setups and performances 

Reality Oscillator

2008 - 2009. Computer, microcontrollers, self made hardware and software, light, sound, video projector, hacked TV and radio. Variable dimensions and length 

Lux,Lumen,Freqs. & Ports

2008-2009. 1000W Pure Sinus inverter, acid truck battery, 2500 Lumens proyector, computer, microcontroller, FM transmitter, fans, electronics, self-made hardware & software, portable suitcase. 7 Site specific urban reappropriations


Since 2006. Computer, microcontrollers, self made hardware and software, light, sound, video projector. Variable dimensions and length

About Art & Politics / About Politics & Art

2009. Site specific GFR´3. Specks & Hof Leipzig

V = \frac

2010. Custom hardware and software.Variable dimensions and length

Alba Rugitus

2008-09. TV, radio, daily newspapers, wireless camera, analog/digital filters. Variable dimensions and length


Selection of collective live setups and performances

Faces of Rabat

2009. Rabat Students/citizens, computer, microcontrollers, hacked suitcase, radio emitter, truck battery, electronics, self-made hardware and software, video projector. Site specific urban reappropriation / Live performance

F+E=N *Live

2010. Organic batteries, self-made electronics, video synthesizer, 3 Plasma T.V. Variable dimensions


2009-2010. Protozoos, living plants, lens,sensors, ellectronics, selfmade software. Variable dimensions & length