Series of workshops and collective experiments

Topics covering perception, invisibility, signal analysis, high frecuency demodulation, electromagnetism and analog audio processors.

Since 2003 different theoretic and praxis workshops has been done in several museums, bienales, universities, festivals, cultural centers and hacker spaces around the globe: École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris (FR), UPV-EHU (ES), HGB-Leipzig (DE), HFK-Bremen (DE), Master C:Art Media Valand Univ. (SE), Univ. of Applied Arts Vienna (AT), Univ. Aguascalientes (MX), Faculty of Leters-Human Sciencie Rabat (MA), Superior Institute Dramátic Art & Animation Rabat (MA), LABoral (ES), Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (MX), Moskow Bienal (RU), Harvestworks (US), Hangar (ES), Institute of Intermedia (CZ), Arts Santa Monica (ES), Centro de Arte y Nuevas Tecnologías (MX), CMMAS Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (MX), The Brno Haus of Arts (CH) and festivals like Piksel (NO), Sight & Sound (CA), Multiplace (SK), SuperCollider Symp. (DE), AOW (NO), LPM (IT), among many others...

All tools, electronics and printed documentation is provided by Víctor Mazón Gardoqui.

If you are interested on get more information, schematics or develop a workshop about some of this topics, send a ping


SIGNUM Instrumentatio dev/amp

2016-2015. Ausencias reveladas


2016. Non-comercial and non-regulated wireless communications

Panopticum A/V Seminar

2015. Analog Audiovisual Synthesis. Laboratorio de Arte Alameda, MX

Resonance & Electromagnetic Feedback

2014-2008. DRONE Fest @ Hangar Barceona, HGB-Leipzig, What the Flok Marseille


2011. SummerLAB LABoral Centro de arte y creación industrial

Grain 0.1

2011. EEG Gallerie Leipzig. A/V Patcheable Synth_Open hardware

Hidden Signals

2011. Exploración sonora del espectro electromagnético. University of Fine Arts Basc Country UPV/EHU

Orbitando Satelites

2011. Orbitando satelites, VLF workshop and satelite launch. LABoral Art Center and industrial creation.


Multiplace Festival´11 Bratislava

2011. Grain & Gris Audiovisual Synthesizers Lecture/Workshop

"Qui Vive" II Moscow Intl. Biennale for Young Art

2010. II Московская международная биеннале молодого искусства

"Стой! Кто идет?"

Diálogos en Vivo´10. Univ. Casablanca, Rabat, Salé

2010. Faculty of Letters of Rabat, the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art Cultural Animation Rabat (ISADAC), Lalla Meriem Centre for Homeless Children, the East-West Foundation, the Association and the Association Almostaqbal Maqam of Casablanca

Univ. Konsthögskolan Valand

2010. Master C:Art Media. Valand Univ. Goteborg

Traffik_R-aw: Summerlab´10

2010. La Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.Spain

R-aw Snuff_0.1



2010. Essential Existence Gallerie.Leipzig

Rundgang 2010. HGB-Leipzig

2010. Rundgang HGB Leipzig. Offenes labor


2010. Technological singularity. Enschede, Netherland


2010. introduction to arduino and MIDI protocol with Leaf-audio


2010. MP19 Team. Dub Siren workshop. Reggae festival, Spain.


2009. Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

Diálogos en vivo´09. Univ. Rabat

2009. Dialogos en vivo. Rabat

Tramuntana´09 -Old Dalí Museum

2009. Festival Tramuntana.Cadaqués


2008-09. La Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. Spain