A 9-day workshop/action about experimental live cinema with free/opensource tools in public spaces of Marroc.


In the framework of the Al Mutamid 09, the Fundación Instituto Internacional del Teatro del Mediterráneo, with the support of the AECI (Ministry of Foreign Relations and Cooperation, State Department) and the collaboration of the Faculty of Letters of Rabat, the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art Cultural Animation Rabat (ISADAC), Lalla Meriem Centre for Homeless Children, the East-West Foundation, the Association and the Association Almostaqbal Maqam of Casablanca, organize, from 8 to 15 November in Rabat and Casablanca:


Dialogos en Vivo ´09 


Workshops that will target children Lalla Meriem Centre, young people with functional diversity Almostaqbal Association, students of the Faculty of Letters of Rabat and Casablanca, Maqam Association and ISADAC students.

As part of the meeting, there will be time for reflection on the diversity debate, the heritage of all (Friday, November 13 at the Faculty of Letters of Rabat). And time for the party at the closing concert will offer, on 14 November, groups Canteca de Macao (Spain), Mazagan (Morocco) and Ahbab Alghiwane (Morocco).


Dialogos en Vivo starts with the principle of solidarity and participatory culture. Its aim is to open the space to the active involvement of young people in discussions about issues that affect them regardless of their membership of the North or South. But it is also an area of awareness of social and cultural commitment which involves any action and artistic creation. 

Workshop concept, custom electronics & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0