8-day workshop/street activism about experimental live cinema in public spaces & universities of Marroc  with free_opensource tools


Under the Programme Al Mutamid 2010, IITM Foundation organizes from 4 to 14 November in Rabat, Salé and Casablanca, the Second Edition of Live Dialogues, on the principle of solidarity and participatory culture.

Contents rests upon sobering calm and constructive. Its aim is to open the space to the active involvement of young people in discussions on the issues that affect them regardless of their membership -North or South-. But it is also an area of social awareness and cultural commitment which involves any action and artistic creation.

Art in Dialogos en Vivo is not only creating art in the conventional sense, but art as an ethical model of mutual understanding and coexistence.


Workshop concept, custom electronics & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0