“Voltaje control” - Analog Audiovisual Synthesizer   ---  Building Workshop 

Sunday 1st May / Monday 2 May Location PROGRESS BAR - Hacker space Bratislava


Attendees will be able to build 2 different  audiovisual analog synthesizers, capable of creating black / 

white video patterns, signals in the audible range, weird 

noises, feedbacks and touch sensitive body reactions in CRT TV´s and audio systems. 

- No electronic knowledge is required for the workshop. 

- Introduction to electronics and basic A/V synthesis. 

- Evolution step by step, personalized support will be provided during the workshop. 

- Kits and main tools for building the device will be provided at the workshop space but soldering irons, 

and some working tools like drill/dremel, pliers, tin, screwdrivers, etc. are welcome. 

-Assistants can bring home everything they build and all the devices will work at the end of the workshop 

-if you have old small CRT TV´s please bring it to the workshop space 

-A public performance in Enter Gallery will be done on the 5th of may at 20h 

-Free assistance, come ask, learn,… 


Grain_0.1  Audiovisual B/N_Patcheable_Synth 

2 Signal Grain Generator 

2 RCA Video single Outputs / 1 Video Mix 


2 6,3mm Audio Mono Outputs  / 1 Audio Mix 


Grain A: Frequency / Decay A Controls  – 2 


Grain B: Frequency / Decay B Controls – 2 


Sync Grains Control – Potentiometer 

Volume Control – Potentiometer 

3  Banana 4mm patching conectors 

Open Hardware  

Open Source  


Schematics - theory - instructions 


Gris_1  Audiovisual Analog B/N_Patcheable_Synth 

3 Signal Generators 

3 Video single Outputs or 1 Video Mix Output 

3 Audio Mono Outputs or 1 Audio Mix Output 

4  Banana 4mm patching conectors 

3 Independient Frequency Controls – 


1 Light Sensor Frercuency Control 

Touch senssitive Fequency distortions (Body 


Feedback mix 

1 Volume mix Control – Potentiometer 

1 Experimetal 14 Pin Patch bay 

Open Hardware 


Schematics - theory - instructions 

Gris Grains schematics, layout and code

Workshop concept, custom electronics & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0