Workshop about Resonance and electromagnetic feedback.

Through the use of hand made coils, neodymium magnets, pickups and a 10w amplifier, different systems and arrangements are created to find its standing waves and resonance frequencies.

Designed for Tramuntana festival 2008 and updated for One Drone Day Festival in Barcelona (12h. non stop drone music on a quadraphonic soundsystem + 2 subs.)

UPDATED: Pcb layout and schematic for What the FLOK Festival 2014, Marseille, FR


R1 - 47Ω 

R2 - 220Ω 

R3 - 2,2Ω 

R4 - 1Ω

R5 - 1KΩ


C1 - 100µF

C2 - 470µF

C3/C7 - 100nF

C4 - 47nF

C5 - 1000µF

C6 - 10µF

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