Audiovisual Sensor-Box


A creationg of a sensor box/midi-controller for audiovisual performances/instalations with Arduino.

The basic model includes 6 potentiometers, 6 LEDs and 6 buttons, and an introduction to multiple sensors like accelerometers, piezo transducers, ultrasonic range finders, ribon controllers, presure, etc...

The idea behind is to create a basic machine wich can be used „as it is“ for controlling music- or vj-software, free open source like Puredata, Supercollider, VVVV, or comercial ones like Ableton, Logic, Resolume, Modul8, etc. or art instaletions.

Participants will have the skills to customize it easily (hardware and Adruino code).

This workshop was inside the Leaf-Audio education workshops, in the field of sound synthesis and creative use of synthesizers in various situations.

Check the software menu for schematics, patches and code of the workshop.

Tags: experimental, noise, diy, modular, synthesizer, hidden signals, electromagnetism, audiovisual, ruido, electroacoustic, laboratory, electromagnetism, sound art. 

Workshop concept, custom electronics & documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0