Traffic is a research project who relates electromagnetic spectrum amplification and materialization of high frequency pollution.


During the working process we have developed a portable and receiver to log in the 2.4 GHz spectrum. The device is able to demodulate this information into an audible range, materializing the high frequency spectrum in activity during the exhibition running time. This information will be used as an impulse to provoque a fisical modification of the exhibition space. The result will be shown as a process that will relate a causal effect of electromagnetic traffic produced by wireless connections, bluetooth data transfer and other wireless devices such as cameras and remote controlled objects.


The research involves molecular irritation, high frequency demodulation, overheating, resonance, plasma production and electromagnetic activity amplification using a microwave oven and self design hardware.  

A microwave oven works by passing non-ionizing microwave radiation, usually at a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz (GHz)—a wavelength of 122 millimetres (4.80 in) through the food. Microwave radiation is between common radio and infrared frequencies. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to as short as one millimetre, or equivalently, with frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz.  


Several experiments have been developed during the process. A wireless send-receive camera was used to interrupt the 2,4 Ghz traffic and the antenne, computer based applications were developed to be able to "see" data traffic, increase it and demodulate it into a graphical element.


: // is a workstation based between Leipzig and Berlin composed by Mario de Vega (Mexico, 1979) and Victor Mazón Gardoqui (Spain, 1982).


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Workshop concept, custom electronics & documentation by :// i | CC BY-SA 3.0