Intended to show a journey to the past of electronics, to design a cyberpunk technatural future. 

///Animazauner Elektroniks A/V Lab 

A three day workshop of hand made electronics in the Valand University of Gothemborg by Christian Zollner and Víctor Mazón Gardoqui. 

Experimenting with sound, light and video, using different objects like recycled trash materials, electronics, solar panels, photoresistors, photodiodes, motors and self made circuits, with the DIY spirit of the 80's punk scene!


Day 1 

///OpticalTherrormin/ Back to the 20's 

Probably the oldest electronic instrument is called the “Theremin” invented by a russian physicist in the 1920's. 

The Therrormin is a kind of easy-to-build Theremin controlled by a variable number of photoresistors. 

You play it with your hands without touching the instrument by just changing the light density. 


///Krakle  Box/ Back to the 70's 

No buttons, no knobs, your skin as a noise device... A personal version of the original crackle box designed in the 70´s at STEIM, the first mass produced chaos synth. A self powered glitchy device, with which we will do audio and video. 


Day 2 

///AtariPunkConsole/ Back to the 80's 

The circuit of the first DIY synth will be made. With hundreds of sounds of the old 8 bit computers like: Atari, Spektrum, Gameboy, etc... 


///The Fuzz Face/ the 60's effect 

A Fuzz is a special kind of distortion. Fuzz was used a lot back in the 60's on electric guitars. Jimi Hendrix was also playing those a lot. 

An easy to build but nice to use distortion unit to use with your self built instruments of electric guitar or whatever. 


Day 3 

///Solar Noise Insects/ The Osczzzchhhillator/ a cyberpunk future 

Different small electronic solar  and sound insects will be created that interact with light. 

A creation of a small solar device with 3 voices/oscillators and using the photo-electric effect of solar-cells and light-sensitive diodes for detection and modulation of all immersive light from various wavelenghts. 


/// Finishing and preparing 

At the end of the workshop we will try to get all the devices and instruments done nicely and prepare for the presenation/concert in the evening.  


/// Spirit 

All the  projects are modular in nature and spirit, so they can interact, relate, discuss, fight or fall in love. 

You will be able to build all of the above instruments and devices in the workshop in your own speed but you don't have to do all of them. Also evolving some specific device to your needs or your preferences is of course possible with skipping some of the other content. 

An exhibition of all the technologic artifacts made during the workshop will be exhibited during the last evening, followed by an audiovisual electronic and electroacoustic jam with all the participants. 

Different projects and ideas will be shown during the workshop, and we will try to match the needs of each participant to their individual artistic projects. 


 /// Conditions 

- No previous electronic knowledge is needed on any workshop 

- Easy step by step guide and help will be provided during the workshop 

- All tools and parts will be provided 

- Please bring something on the list: some wooden/plastic cases (for your new devices), electronic toys, electronic garbage, beers,    headphones, old casios, computers, legos, battery driven old radios, etc..... 



Workshop managed with the great little genius:

 Christian Zollner 

Born in Austria, now living and working in Berlin. Initially studied social work but got too much into electronics afterwards. 

Building DIY instruments, synthesizers, studio equipment, noise devices, synthesizer controllers and stuff alike. 

Building stuff, sharing ideas, participating in workshops, playing music and creating pleasing (sometimes disturbing) sounds in the true DIY community spirit is now taking most of the space in his life. 


Concept and design by Victor Mazon Gardoqui and Christian Zollner

Documentation by Victor Mazon Gardoqui | CC BY-SA 3.0